Online Dating Service – What Do You Expect With This Dating Method?

How to Tell if Your Expectations of a Relationship is Unreasonable –

You may be a hard sell to get a date on an online dating service if you have specific requirements that brook no negotiations. Such as your prospective date must look a certain way, have a certain education, drive a particular car and have a prestigious job. Being too picky may allow some really great guys who don’t measure up in your book, to get away to girls who are laughing all the way to the altar. Even on an online dating service you can’t be too rigid about who and what you will date.

Another unreasonable, though wise some may say, practice is that you won’t date anyone who doesn’t make a certain amount of money. This may be an unreasonable expectation for an online dating service, unless you join one of the more expensive matchmaking services that cater to more affluent clients. If you refuse to drive more than a few quick miles away, you better get ready to spend your time alone. Sometimes the right person isn’t right under your nose and meeting someone on an online dating service will almost ensure that you will have to drive at least some distance to meet.

Other signs you should watch for in yourself is if someone doesn’t share all the same interest with you, you are not interested, no matter what other great qualities they may offer. You also can’t expect someone you just meet on an online dating service to trust you implicitly and share with you their deepest secrets.

Reasonable Expectations –

When you meet someone on an online dating service, a spark is required to get you interested. It may be something he or she said, it may be an emotional connection or it could be as simple as physical attraction. A reasonable expectation of relationship is that you want to be with someone who thinks you are exciting, funny, cute and sweet. You want someone who has the same basic values as you do, but you are willing to negotiate the more important issues that may be holding your relationship back. Meeting people on an online dating service can be fun and flirty or it can be a serious search for a mate for life. Just be sure that you have reasonable expectations of the relationship you are ready to begin.