Dating Very Attractive Women – A Girls Guide to Getting Great Looking Women Fast!

In this article we are going to talk about dating very attractive women. You want to, right? Of course you do! Let’s be honest for a second: One of the very best signs that a man has “made” it is when he’s FINALLY able to date women that other men drool over. If you ask most guys, they’ll confess that having a girl on his arm that he KNOWS the other guys in the room can’t get enough of is a BIG reason he likes having her there in the first place! And I’m going to tell you something that I hope makes you happy! Getting a REALLY hot girl around your arm is FAR easier than you think! Read on..:-)

Reverse Psychology is the WAY to Go!

With a REALLY hot woman, you’ve got to go the Freudian route..:-) What do I mean? Simply DON’T let on your interested! A beautiful woman expects that you are going to hit on her, just like everyone else…and when you DON’T, her ire ( and intrigue) have been elevated. Nothing turns a beautiful woman on MORE than a little bit of mystery and standoffish….and she’s been used to nothing but having men fawn on her since high school!

Become a Terrible Tease…..

Yes, women are suckers for a tease as well….and if you can make fun of her in a cute, humorous but biting way….she’ll LOVE you for it! Silently, an attractive woman is BEGGING to be challenged, stimulated and kept on her toes. If you can make her think that you see her DEFICIENCIES, those little idiosyncrasies we all have INSTEAD of her beauty…she’s going to feel naked, vulnerable and FAR less of a trophy that you want to acquire!

And please, be FUNNY! There is nothing sexier than a funny guy – I don’t care how fat your wallet is, or how perfect your bod…if you can make ANY woman laugh, smile or simply spit UP her soda, you’re FAR ahead of the serious, silent type with the Ferrari and fancy suit….that much I promise!