Online Dating – What Not to Say to Men


Online dating has changed the way we meet men. There are plenty of free dating websites with a lot to offer women.

Choice is good and it beats having to waste your time. You can email your profiles and get to know them on some level before deciding whether you will meet.

Even though you are using a machine to communicate with men you find interesting, you should stick to a few guidelines that will help you fly high.

If you want to be seen as a quality woman, do not get into IM sex chat with a man especially before meeting him. Begin on a good foundation.

You may appear to have great chemistry but remember this person is still a stranger. Women who aren’t smart go into full sexual details because they feel safe doing so online where they don’t have to worry about having to put out. Thinking that this is what a man really wants and trying to get him hooked makes them appear to be low class. – because what a man really wants and what he respects is two separate things. A man may enjoy IM sex chat and hearing about a woman’s fantasies because it gives him a turn on. This does not mean he wants to have a real relationship. That’s not to say you can’t be a flirt.

Women often have a hard time understanding that a man’s physical is separate from his emotional so they try to pull men in using the physical.

If you want respect, keep the online chat to what it really is – a mechanical way of getting to know someone which sometimes translates differently in the real world.

There is no way that a man should think any less of you than a quality woman and you can learn how to think, act, and feel like all the woman you are.