BikerKiss – A Review of Singles Dating For Adult Bikers on the Internet

If you love your bike, love riding the open road, going to meets, talking bikes, playing with bikes, watching bike sport or are simply happiest in the company of others who share your passion then BikerKiss is arguably the largest single meeting place for you to find others with common interests.

Please don’t misunderstand, as biker dudes the world over know, hanging out in bars, scoping for the most perfect, leather clad biker chick available (well maybe not perfect but certainly available) can be extremely good fun. Likewise female bikers, who are intent upon finding some chisel jawed hunk of prime manhood, have whiled away many a joyful hour trying to fend off the attentions of the less chiseled. Now whilst there is nothing at all wrong with the “traditional” way of meeting your perfect biker, as we all know, the chances of you actually meeting someone who really meets your hearts desire, simply by falling off a barstool are pretty remote.

However, with biker dating sites such as BikerKiss, ‘BikerPlanet’ or ‘Motorcycle Junction’ you know that the people you are chatting to are biker singles, just like you, who already share your passion for two wheeled fun and are looking to meet other people who enjoy the same. Straight away you have avoided the need for finding out if you have anything in common, that’s already understood.

In part, this explains why dating sites in general are so incredibly successful. By eliminating much of the need for small talk you can get on with the business of getting to know people straight away.

Statistics show Internet dating sites have now become the single most identified place that people find love and relationships. With 1 in 10 web surfers seeking partners online, the numbers of singles online is truly staggering. Add in to this equation the grouping of singles based upon shared pastimes and interests and it is clear to see why peoples chances of finding the relationship they want are greatly improved by membership of a site such as BikerKiss.

So who is using biker dating sites, and where do you fit in to the demographic. The largest single, identifiable biker dating group comprises of men and women aged between 30 and 45 with 48.4 % of memberships. They are closely followed, perhaps surprisingly, by men and women aged between 45 and 59 with 41.3 % of memberships. The under 30’s represent 7.7% of total memberships and the over 60’s complete the final 2.6%.

Of these groups, at the time of writing, 48.7% are heterosexual males, 45.2% are heterosexual females and the remaining 6.1% comprises of gay, lesbian and bisexual singles. Furthermore 73.8% are located in either the USA or Canada with 19.5% of memberships held by singles in the UK and the remaining 6.7% found in Europe, Australia, South Africa, India and others. Therefore it’s clear to see that wherever you live, no matter what your age or orientation you’ll find plenty of other biker singles matches on sites like BikerKiss ‘BikerPlanet’ or ‘Motorcycle Junction’.

Now, as we all know, bikers reputations dictate that we are all a bunch of brutal, beer swilling, sociopaths who’s concept of love is an afternoon of depraved lust in the back of a truck. However in reality, as the demographics clearly show, bikers are drawn from all walks of life. From single moms to hard core biker dudes, from middle aged business men to off duty nurses, bikers certainly do not conform to some badly conceived media stereotype.

A quick glance through the membership profiles biker dating sites quickly confirms that bikers are, in fact, ordinary people, who lead varied but generally responsible lives. The one unifying factor is their love of the open road and the sense of freedom that all motorcyclists enjoy.

So what should you be looking for from well constructed biker dating site? Firstly a high quality biker dating sites should allow biker singles from all over the world to make contact virtually instantly. It should provide an exciting and stimulating place for bikers to chat, flirt and possibly find even more. Whether your a biker or biker fan looking for friendship, casual fun or everlasting love, a premium standard biker dating site should provide a safe, enjoyable and friendly environment where you can find your perfect biker partner.

Certainly most biker dating sites achieve all this. However some, perhaps most notably BikerKiss, offers you a little more than others?

For examples, unlike some of it’s competitors, BikerKiss allows you to create a free “Guest Membership” profile which means you can create your online presence and other “Gold” and “Guest” members will be able to view your profile. In addition, the excellent free “Guest Membership” also enables you to view all other biker profiles in the community. You can even receive emails from Gold Members and you can reply to them in return. This feature of BikerKiss gives you the chance to see if the there community is for you before you consider full membership. Other comparable sites offer similar “trial memberships” but they are either time limited or do not enable you to browse freely throughout all other members profiles. BikerKiss does seem to excels in this regard.