Best Online Dating Tips For Men

Do you want to know what the BEST online dating tips for men are?

You have come to the right place! Here, I’ll tell you the BEST online dating tip. I’m only to give you one right now, but rest assured, this one is a total gem. This one is about your profile. You need to make it stand out. As in totally stand out!

Why am I harping about your profile so much? The reason for this is the profile is one of the most SINGLE important aspects of online dating. PERIOD!

Think about it. Before you think about messaging a woman online, what do you first check out? You check her profile and display picture don’t you? Well guess what? WOMEN DO THE EXACT SAME THING!

So if your profile is giving her the vibes that you are creepy, needy, emotionally unstable, insecure or just a weirdo. You’re not going to get very far!

Remember, your profile is the only thing that’s she’s going to see – the only factor for which she bases her decision as to whether or not she should respond to you.

That is why it is so important to make a positive and fantastic profile that clearly stands out from the rest of the crowd of other hungry men out there.

It’s not just the descriptions of yourself in your profile that you should consider taking care of, it’s the WHOLE THING.

Yes, this means if you have a display pic of yourself where they can’t really see you, or if you have a display picture depicting a car or something you like that is not cute or funny. You are not going to go anywhere. Make it chick friendly and NICE!

So that means, make sure you put a lot of effort in making your display profile stand out from the pack!

For example:

1. include a smiling picture of you

2. try and include other cute girls having a good time around you (but not in a sleazy way)

3. include pets with you

These are all girl friendly photos.

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