Online Dating Advice

If you’re like most singles, you struggle to find time to balance work, your social life and personal hobbies. Let’s face it: many singles are tired of the bar crowd scene, don’t have the time to pass out their numbers at Barnes & Noble and are prohibited from dating coworkers.

Many individuals have turned to online dating service for a chance at love, approximately 7 million members and counting to be exact. But, before you post a photo or complete your online profile, consider the following pieces of successful dating advice.

o When dating online, you’re sure to encounter some folk you wouldn’t think twice about in ‘the real world.’ Allow yourself time to find the right one, as opposed to jumping into anything.

o Always be honest in your profile and when communicating with a potential partner. Simply because the beginning stages of a relationship are done via the Internet, it doesn’t mean you should misrepresent yourself.

o Don’t give out personal information (such as your phone number or personal email) until you have a good feel for who the person you’re talking to is.

o It’s a good idea never to give out a work number or email address; in the event that things go awry and your not-so-significant other decides to harass you while you’re on the job.

o If you’re dating online, go for a paid service. You have a better chance of finding someone who is serious about finding a relationship, as opposed to a casual fling.

o Don’t wait too long before meeting an online match. If someone doesn’t want to see you, there is a reason. Far be it from us to say they’re married, but if someone is into you, they inherently want to be with you: offline.

o Don’t be negative: Nothing solidifies the end of a relationship faster than someone unloading their dating woe stories on you from the start.

When considering an online dating service, look for a site that matches your personality.

For example, notes Chemistry as a great choice for adventurous, progressive singles. The signup process is unique and focuses on fun aspects of daters’ personalities.

However, someone who wants precise matching may want to check out eHarmony, a site that matches singles based on comprehensive personality profiles. True is a great online dating site for people who want security-they screen their members for criminal activity! Case in point: there is a diverse, widespread pool of singles online and when wading through, it’s vital to stay true to your wants and needs.