Online Dating – Is It Time To Pull The Plug?

Well, sometimes you will get to a certain point with an online relationship where it is really getting under your skin.

When is it time to pull the plug? When it is causing more pain, aggravation, annoyance, than fun and pleasure. Period!

You will undoubtedly have online relationships that will just irritate the living devil out of you! They won’t go away, you try to ignore them but they have the uncanny ability to bring out the worse in you! It is time to pull the plug!

If it is a person that you know you will never meet, you don’t even want them as a friend or acquaintance; it is time to pull the plug!

It is going no where…as soon as their email hits your inbox, you can feel your blood pressure rising! You try and take the high road, but you find it almost impossible to ignore them!

When you can no longer ignore them, you try reasoning with them (…look, this really isn’t going anywhere. I am no longer interested in you. Let’s just end all communications. Okay….?) But that doesn’t work either! Finally, your last straw is to just verbally assault them. And they seem to love it!

You are emotionally exhausted…you have no energy to direct to your potential love interests. I think it is time to pull the plug!

Most of the online dating sites will allow you to block a user. I suggest you do that immediately. Stop all communications!

No one is worthy of obtaining all of your attention…in a negative way! It is simply another ploy to distract you from your pre-planned goals! Pull the plug and get on with finding the one for you!