Why You Don’t Date – And Find Your Mate

Do you ever wonder why you don’t date? There are singles meeting each other every day…and singles NOT meeting someone, when they would like to find a mate and have a great relationship. Why are some people able to make that connection to the one who is waiting? Here are the secrets that keep people from finding their love:

Why don’t you date? Have you made an active search? Many women refuse to look for a man; many men are too shy to go up and introduce themselves to a woman. It’s confusing when someone says they want to find their love but will not look around in a crowd to see who’s there. Other qualities besides shyness, that keep people locked out of a love relationship are, fear, rejection-phobia, and a lack of confidence. In order to meet someone, whether you are a man or a woman, you have to be FRIENDLY! Step up and ask questions, such as, “Are you originally from this town?” “Do you have any family here?” “What do you like the most about your work?”

Women say they want to date, but, it seems no matter how smart, successful, and accomplished they are, they still want the guy to find them! This past century attitude does not work in this new century “can-do” philosophy. I often ask women, “How did you get through college, law school, and into a good practice?” They always reply, “I worked for it!” “Of course you did,” I affirm, “and dating is no different – you have to work at it.” Anything worth having is worth working for, and that includes a mate. Preparation (get yourself ready in all ways) and opportunity (put yourself out there, over and over) equal success. Nothing “just happens” by itself. Don’t keep WAITING for something, or someone to come to you.

Do you want to date and find a mate? Then know what your requirements are for a partner before you step out to meet someone. Every relationship that struggles, or, falls apart, experiences this main issue: you want the person to be the way you want them to be. When you meet someone, ask yourself if he or she kept being exactly the way he or she is, can you still love them? Don’t get into a relationship where you feel you have to change someone in order to stay with them.

Dates that turn into mates and lasting relationships have more to them than money and good looks. Both people have

. There is plenty of need out there and many more people are waking up to what they can do to help. The greed, ostentatious consumerism, and focus on the surface existence of life is giving way to substance, depth and greater compassion for others. This new shift in public consciousness can only contribute to better relationships between men and women.

Do you know what time it is? It’s time for you to have a date. It is time, in this first decade of this new century to discover how to choose a relationship that will LAST. How do you do that? By choosing someone who is like a durable, waterproof, shatterproof watch. You can count on them. Whatever life throws at them, they just keep on ticking. Be clear about what your requirements are before you get involved with someone. Now is the time to know what you are getting into before you get into it.

You can definitely be dating! There is no reason for you not to have a date, and to find someone to share your life with. Just remember the above.