How to Write the Perfect Dating Profile

Internet dating is a hot new phenomenon. Many people are venturing on the internet to find a new partner but not everyone is reaping equal success. Why are some people being more successful than others? There is no easy answer to this question however we can take a closer look at the dating profile which is widely regarded as a high value dating tool.

Searching for a date online is like looking for a job. When job hunting you review your resume many times over and have your friends proofread it to ensure that it portrays your most important skills and ambitions. Similarly when searching for an online date you want to put your best foot forward. Your dating profile is your resume. It is the tool that will get your foot in the door with the right person.

Typically the dating profile consists of three sections: vital statistics, the essay section and photo options. The vital statistics section is pretty straight forward. These are facts about yourself that you have recited repeatedly since you were born and will continue until the day you die. Your age, height, weight, zodiac sign, ethnicity, hair and eye color are some of the issues that you normally address in this section. You already know the answer to these questions and you are simply filling in the blanks.

The second section of the dating profile is a lot more subjective than the first. Simply put, you are supposed to write a few paragraphs about yourself, explaining what you are like to potential daters. These few paragraphs can really make or break your profile. What you say in this section can determine if you get a few clicks, a lot of clicks or none at all. Your best bet is to say just enough about yourself to spark curiosity. Later when your “curious matches” contact you can expand further to seal the deal.

You can start off by describing the stage that you are at in life. For example if you just left college and you have no job or work experience you can say: “I am a highly motivated recent college graduate with a keen interest in (major studied). I am actively seeking a partner with similar qualities for companionship as I venture into the professional world.” You always want your life to sound high energy and appealing so the right people are motivated to write to you.

You can further elaborate by saying what your hobbies and interests are. Talk about things you do the most rather than things you do once in a while. If playing golf takes up 50 percent of your leisure time you should make mention because it is so significant that it will not be overlooked if you end up getting in a relationship.

Another important aspect that should not be missed when writing your essay relates to describing the person that you would like to meet. If for example, you like short, thin women with long blond hair that like outdoor activities then you should mention it here. You don’t want your heart to race uncontrollably when a message pops up in your inbox only to open it and find that it was sent by a red head that hates the outdoors, likes her hair short and has a few extra pounds. Stating clearly who you are looking for eliminates disappointing situations like this one.

The final aspect of the perfect online dating profile covers uploading a photo. The photograph should be a recent picture of yourself that was taken on a well lit background and clearly shows your face. Don’t upload a picture of your favorite flower or pet as a substitute for yourself because you thought that someone may recognize that you are on a dating website looking for a mate. Most of the stigmas that online dating is for the desperate are gone. It has become more of the norm than the exception. Furthermore if someone sees your picture on the website it is because they were there too. Uploading a non-human picture is akin to uploading no picture at all and will get browsed over with very little interest.

Write a great profile, upload a well taken photograph and you should be well on your way to attracting the right people.