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Since the invention of videotape video dating services have been offering video introductory clips for prospective singles. The concept was that you would visit the service’s studio where you could have a video of yourself recorded and added to a library of introductory videotapes. While there at the service you could view video clips of other singles at a television and if you found someone interesting you could set up a date. Broadband service and faster, more powerful computers have changed the face of video dating while making it easier and more accessible.

Most online dating sites offer the ability for a member to upload a photograph and post a little information on their profile page. The higher quality sites provide a place within a member’s personals ad to add an introductory video clip. The clip doesn’t have to be a huge production it can now be recorded by a webcam and the corresponding video file then uploaded to the member’s profile.

If you plan to use a video clip of yourself you should prepare a script and practice a bit in front of your webcam. Your introductory clip should be between 10 and 20 seconds. Making a clip too long will extend the download time for visitors who are using dial-up connections.

Tell them your name (using a first name only). It is not advisable to reveal your last name at this stage. You may even want to use the username that you registered with on the service.

If you are looking for friendship, a pen pal, romance, or a long-term relationship let them know. Many online singles use dating services as a way of meeting friends and expanding their friends network.

Online dating services provide a method of contact usually an onsite message box. Invite them to send you an onsite message. Don’t mention your email address or phone number limit your contact options to the methods provided by your dating site.

Providing pictures, a brief written profile and an introductory video clip in your personal ad improves your chances of response. If your dating service provides live video and/or audio chat you then can talk to and see the other person before you make plans to meet. At we also offer nationwide speed dating events in most states that provide a safe, public venue for meeting your online friend face to face. We wanted to provide this extra level of security and safety for our members who decide to meet in person.