Thai Dating Sites – How to Find Your Thai Love Online

 If you’re reading this article, you’re probably one of the thousands of men who would like to have a Thai girlfriend or Thai wife. Good for you! Thai women are known for their beauty around the world. Long black hair, almond shaped brown eyes and slender bodies. Add to that an easy going and fun feminine personality and it becomes obvious why Thai women are in such high demand. This article is about how to choose from the many Thai dating sites, so you find one that will match your expectations. I’m not going to give any advice on how to use online dating, because there are plenty of sites doing that. Instead I have tried to list all the Thai dating sites, that I’ve tried and heard about (if a dating site is not on here, it’s probably not worth bothering with).

Before we get to the sites, I’ll give you one bit of advice though, which is that you consider what you are looking for from Thai dating sites and what type of site fits you best. Are you looking for a wife, girlfriend or fling? Are you the Myspace generation, Facebook generation? ICQ generation? Pen and Ink generation? Just kidding on the last one, but each of the Thai dating sites here are aimed at different age and social groups, so try and find the one that matches you the best. Ok, without further introduction let’s look at the options for meeting Thai women online:

These are not dating sites as such, but like any other social media, they can be used for chatting with other people, including of course Thai women. There’s a bunch of them. Hi5 is the most popular network for teenagers and young Thais. Think high-school to university age. If you think you’re not to old to deal with Hello Kitty animations then check it out. Tagged is another social network site that is very popular with Thai girls and women. Slightly older age group here, probably 20-30 years old or even a bit more. Facebook is popular as well, though not as much as in the West. It’s a good place to meet Thai women who are students or work in international businesses. It’s for all ages really. Facebook has the advantage that you can sign up for groups that organize meetings on a regular basis.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch! There’s a few free Thai dating sites around and they are mostly not worth bothering with, considering the alternatives. There’s Date In Asia, which has a bad rep, though mostly because of scammers from the Philippines. It’s possible to find the occasional diamond in the rough, but most of the time you will be chatting to Thai women looking for a sponsor or to a ladyboy (if any of those rock your boat – do sign up!) There’s also Thailand Friends which is aimed at Bangkok expats and Thai woman who want to meet them.

These fall into two categories: Matchmaking services and Thai dating sites. I’m not going to go into paid matchmaking services as I think they became a bit obsolete when the internet took off. Of the paid dating sites, there’s really only two worth mentioning: Thai Love Lines and Thai Love Links. I have written a review for both on the website in the link. They are both good but I recommend Thai Love Lines for several reasons (read my review, click the link in the bottom of this article). Paid dating sites are by far the best place to look for a serious relationship and possible wife.