What Are the Best Singles Bars in Chicago?

Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States, with a diverse population and a variety of interests. If you are looking for a relationship and live in the area, there are plenty of single Chicago men and women that are perfect for your dating lifestyle.

But if you have experienced Chicago dating, then you know that the biggest problem is not finding great places to go – it is finding single Chicago residents in a city where many couples attend the dance clubs separately. If you are looking to meet people in Chicago, here are some of the places that you can look and expect that the men and women you meet are going to be generally unattached.

Best Singles Bars and Clubs


Vision is one of the best night clubs in the city. Filled with single Chicago women, the dance club does have a tendency to attract a number of single guys that men may need to compete with, but if you are a woman that means your options are greater, and if you are a man you simply need to bring your A-game.


Crobar itself is hit or miss as a bar, but as a meeting spot there are few like it. The former warehouse can hold hundreds of people, and within the closed quarters you can easily find people to “bump into” when you find them attractive. To be successful in Chicago dating, sometimes all you need are a large number of single people around you, and Crobar provides that.


English has some of the hottest single Chicago men and women in the area. It is also a modern and interesting location that induces conversation. Chug down a few drinks and you will easily find yourself chatting it up with some of the best looking singles in the city.

Green Dolphin Street

You need to have some confidence to succeed at Green Dolphin Street, but if you can get yourself out there, you’ll find a lot of intelligent and friendly men and women that are always willing to meet someone new. The environment itself is a little less conducive to meeting people than some of the other Chicago dating spots, but the bar/restaurant itself is one of those places that attracts intelligent and friendly singles from around the city.


Japonais is more than just a great name (the bar serves Japanese and French cuisine). It is also a great spot to meet local single Chicago residents. The lounge area is comfortable and romantic, and the bar itself is upscale and a great place to meet attractive men and women.

Meeting Chicago Singles

Dating in Chicago is partially about simply getting yourself out there to some of the nicer bars and nightclubs in the city. Chicago residents are fun and friendly, and as long as you go to the right locations, you should have no problem finding someone that suits your personality.