Dating and STD’s

So you’ve contracted an STD? You are not alone. There are millions of people worldwide who have sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s). Yet, they’ve decided that dating is still an option. The best part about dating is that there are many online dating sites, forums, and groups of individuals with STD’s. The availability of these sites has created an avenue to communicate and connect with others who have the same STD’s. This takes out the “worry” about revealing your status to others.

However, when searching for reputable online dating sites keep this in mind:

1. Research online STD dating sites to see which ones have large memberships. You want to be able to search tens of thousands of profiles to find that special someone.

2. The site should have “Free Sign Ups”. However, corresponding with others through emails and chat may cost a membership fee. Although there are some free sites, a paid membership is an effective way to discourage curious individuals, not serious individuals from joining.

3. There should be great customer service in addition to an FAQ section. If you’re question isn’t answered in the FAQ’s you should receive a timely response to your specific questions.

4. Another plus on some dating sites is a live STD counselor you can chat with. Many individuals are seeking information about their STD which makes this a valuable service.

5. Look for online dating sites which have links to health information about different STD’s, how to stay healthy and other benefits. The website should be a source of factual and helpful information as well as a means of communication.

Dating with an STD doesn’t have to be difficult or challenging. The key is to research and be selective in choosing a reputable dating site which meets your needs. There are plenty of choices in the field of online dating. Take things slowly and you will eventually find someone who’s special for you.