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Polish Dating in the US

What is Polish dating in the US like, you may ask?

Where can I find a Polish woman or man in the United States?

Well, the online dating sites which work for the UK work just as well for the US, and the membership from the US is quite high also. is a online service for Polish dating in the US. is a good website for Polish dating on both sides of the pond, even though it is directed towards Polish expats living in the UK.

The other dating websites out there, such as, and are other alternatives, however they are still growing.

Nevertheless, if you are really adamant about finding a Polish mate, do check them out!

With the development of online dating, it shouldn’t be too long before more higher quality Polish dating websites arise. For Polish dating the US, you might also want to try some Polish dating websites (if you can speak Polish:) )

Some of these include: (very professional layout) (Over 300,000 registered users) (Layout is pleasing to the eye… though don’t know what they’re trying to say by the name:-P )

Well the websites above are just the most popular of the many Polish relationship websites you can find online. is also a very popular, rudimentary online dating service, where you can choose the ethnicity of your preference or do a detailed search. This, and the fact it is one of the most popular dating websites in the world, means it is also a worthwhile tool for dating Polish people in the US.

What are other alternatives for Polish dating besides online websites?

If you are still somewhat skeptical about online dating, which is understandable, you may choose plenty of other ways to find a Polish mate, wherever you are.

Its sort of like fishing (or hunting;-) )…. you have to go to an environment where you will find a lot of Polish people!

Sounds pretty obvious, no? Well its always good to keep things simple, and that’s as simple as it is. Use your brain and think about where Polish people meet in your city. Some good examples would be:

Polish Church (each big city usually has a Polish mission). If you live in New York for example you will find plenty of these, same goes for Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, pretty much any East Coast city as the East has the majority of Polish immigrants.

On the West Coast Los Angeles has a large Polish population, a large part which actually works in the film industry. I’ve seen a lot of cars in Hollywood and downtown LA with the “PL” sticker on the back. If you get into the Polish social circle over there, it should be really easy to meet some cool Polish people.

Polish Bars (alot more popular on the East Coast… although the West Coast does have some Polish bars in the bigger cities)

Polish Social Events (Polish festivals, Polish get-together’s, etc). Each city in the US should have these around October. I remember in San Diego there is a big Polish festival at the end of October, all the Polish people from all over San Diego go there for 3 days of drinking, Polish food, and concerts. Needless to say, a good place to meet Polish people.

Salons! Salons are usually small concerts with Polish artists doing small tours around the Unites States. They are organized by Polish cultural groups, usually a side-branch of the local Polish church or sometimes Polish embassy or consulate. These salons are a chance for the Polish artist / intellectuals / classy people to get together and enjoy each others company. These get together’s can sometimes be very interesting and are a cool choice to learn more about Polish culture and meet Polish people. Look up “Polski salon” in your local town in the US and you will probably be able to find one, a perfect place to meet an attractive Polish person you can date.

The list goes on and on… You can always attend these type of places if you are just looking for Polish people for company, but if you are really adamant about finding a Polish mate, just drop by these places every once in a while.

Polish dating in the US is getting more and more popular as Polish immigrants are becoming wealthier, more educated, and more worldly. If you are looking for a Polish mate in the US, then use these tools, and good luck!