Robin Williams

Do You Make These Mistakes in Dating?

Have you ever wondered, why is it that some people are so happy and successful in dating, while others are lonely and single? In fact, there are many attractive people all over the world who have also experienced this feeling.

Do you make these mistakes in dating? It is important to realize the common myths in dating, which have caused many people to experience dating problems.

1) There is no one for you.

This is not true. The world is full of possibilities. You always have a chance. Even if there is only 1 out of a million people to win the lottery, there is still one person to win – and that person could be you!

Negative thoughts create negative outcomes, and positive thoughts create positive outcomes. Start thinking positively today, and don’t let your mind tell you discouraging thoughts.

2) There is only one person for you.

There are many fish in the ocean, and there is no such thing as ‘the only one’, perfect person. There are only people with real imperfections. Finding love is being open to opportunities and possibilities, and making compromises.

3) It’s impossible to find someone to love.

Love is a very magical art. It can come in unexpected places and times, and in unexpected partners.

4) All the ‘good ones’ are taken. There are no more good men and women left.

This is only true to a certain extent. There are still many eligible singles out there. The person may be around you, and you need to open up your choices.

5) Love depends on fate.

In fact, this depends on the state of emotion of the individual. If you are open to possibilities and feel good about yourself, people can sense your confidence and joy, and get attracted to you.